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In fact, nice and simple succinctly sums-up the Scorpas, all three of which are identical apart from the engine capacity, even the carburettor is the same 28mm Keihin fitted to all models — including the Yep, no efi, no mapping, no alternative positioning of any major components, just a straightforward, no-nonsense easy to ride trials bike.

At the heart of the Scorpas is the in-house Barcelona-built five speed, liquid cooled two-stroke motor — to all intents and purposes identical to its sister company Sherco — which for has been treated to quite a radical upgrade.

On the opposite end of the crank things are a lot simpler with the latest twin-spark Hidria ignition that offers a two-position switch for riders to play with. Actually there is another major very visible difference and you would actually have to be clinically blind not to spot that monster rear sprocket on thebrought about by that change to internal primary gearing.

This is all proven technology and all good. The chassis is of perimeter style construction from good old chom-moly steel tube with an ally sump plate and complemented by a very neat aluminium swinging arm. Fuel tank is plastic and sits proud of the frame rails allowing acres of room around the engine for easy spark plug and carb removal.

At the front of the frame the radiator features a very snazzy little hinge that allows the rad to be swung outwards at the top for quick coolant checks and top-ups. Exhaust features thin gauge steel front pipe feeding into an aluminium silencer with the conventional airbox doing its thing alongside the muffler. Being absolutely honest, as every regular rider knows, there is in reality very little to choose between the two-stroke trials models of all the manufacturers.

Individual choice is down to exactly that, do you want efi or a carburettor, do you want an ally or tubular steel chassis do you want a blue, white, red, green or maybe an orange bike? Crippsy is quite awesome on a trials bike — any trials bike — and has tried them all over the years. He has that rare ability to jump on a bike and within five minutes suss out how it performs and how to get the best out of it. Andy started out on the and to his surprise was soon jumping up some pretty impressive steps.

At first he was trying to ride it like a bigger bike using torque which, amazingly, the little eighth-litre bike actually has an abundance of. You can hear it trying to behave like a bigger engine as it works the reed valve but naturally it thrives on revs.

The day of our test saw conditions at the Lancashire test venue at their worst and unbelievably slippery. The rocks themselves were quite grippy but the mud in between and on the bankings was lethal and of course soon transferred to the rocks.

Slippery enough for our tame photographer to go AoT down the hillside, ending up with a pronounced limp and an impressive fat lip, bleeding profusely! Having had a good blast on the Andrew then spent time doing back-to-back sessions with the and models getting to grips with their different states of tune.

The outcome was interesting as Scorpa appear to have flown in the face of current thinking, — or at least the thinking of their rivals. There was a time when cc two-stroke models used to be set-up to be pretty quick and sharp on the throttle while cc versions were much more docile — until they got revving and then they often became monsters!

Scorpa has thrown a spanner in the works as they appear to have made something of a return to the former system. I can just feel the wanting to grip. It would definitely be better in dry conditions and younger riders would be impressed as it is really quick and responsive so they can rev and hop and jump over big dry rocks.

2016 Scorpa Twenty 125/250/300

Again Nigel pointed out that on the models the steering head angle has actually been thrown out a fraction with the aim of providing exactly that stability without impacting on the naturally quick steering or compromising maximum lock. He also pointed out that the Marzocchis are also built to tight tolerances and the action softens up considerably after an hour or two of use. Returning to the after a spell on the bigger models he was again impressed as he tackled a long, winding, steep climbing stream gully.

At the end of the day the bottom line is that the three Scorpas line up alongside their rivals as equals. The best advice we can give you is get a test ride. No class has had the benefit of such intense development as the eighth-litre class. Only you know that, Andy Cripps says all day long. He can make one talk.

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scorpa 125

We will inform everyone when we are able to return via our websites and social media. We apologise for the inconvenience but know that you will understand.Scorpa present its new range of Twenty Trials models, the result of continued development at the Scorpa Factory. The models have received several major new features and modifications, the fruit of valuable information obtained through participation in the World Trials Championship. This has resulted in a significant evolution of this young line of trial motorcycles and provides improved performance at all levels: increased overall performance, strength and safety.

In this the second version since Scorpa started marketing the Twenty range, the models represent the strong position they occupy in the world wide trials bike market.

The cc. Young people can start their riding career on practically the same bike as the larger displacement professional model. Product Page. The and models are the main showcase of the Scorpa Twenty range. The is no doubt the favorite of the trial enthusiasts because of its excellent performance and the exceptional engine. The is the queen. Preferred by professional riders, it is the one used in World Championships and during the most important races.

The brawny engine demonstrates the ability to perform in the most demanding competitions. Skip to content.By marky gJanuary 3, in Scorpa.

Scorpa surprise with revival of farmers’ favourite

Spotted a Scorpa yesterday and it did sound rather nice, having owned a version I was wondering if the I know it's only cc version is much better? I can recall some issues with oil burners on thewhat was wrong with them and how id they fix it?

I did like my but I must admit it could have done with a bit more power, second hand s are going for about. Cheers for that, Saunders did a test on both on that mag and said pretty much the same Managed to find an test on the here The have both the cc and cc kits. They will sell you the parts, as well as do the installation if you wish.

They also sell a clutch kit different plates and discs that makes the SYF perform like a champ. In the review of theyou will note that the clutch was my main concern. Cheers Guys, got to get saving for that then. I had the oil burning problem. Total cost about. What about a KIT! This has been emailed to me a few times.

Anyone got any info?


I found the brakes and suspension fine on that model. I did here of a famous pre65 rider who was doing alot of work on engine internals of the version, I'll see if I can find out how he got on.

This is what I got back when I asked how much Total price EU so petty expensive buy the time you land it in the land of Oz! Stick that bad boy on yer cc and you must have a seriously fun and reliable 4 stroke trialler or to put it another way stick that on yer cc and you might as well of bought a damn 4RT!!!!!!!

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scorpa 125

Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted January 3, Hi Guys Spotted a Scorpa yesterday and it did sound rather nice, having owned a version I was wondering if the I know it's only cc version is much better?

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted January 4, Go for theif funds allow Posted January 5, Can you buy the big bore kit over the counter? Hi I had the oil burning problem.By pludmuggerMarch 9, in Four-Stroke. Hi, 50 year old novice looking for a starter bike. Would one of these be suitable or are they to underpowered?

Bought one myself last year,rode first solo trial for 32 years and won easy route over 50, beat the over 40 and the open class,so the bike in my opinion is perfect for the job. I am over 15 stone, so don't let anyone tell you it hasn't got enough power.

Cracking bike, as I said before. Pretty much as Rossy said, Cheap to run and maintain and they are holding their value now, no need for water cooling nonsense, it's a Yamaha TTR engine Like any off road bike you need to buy on condition. There are a couple on the bay at present We could go on all night, there are a lot of bikes out there for that sort of money, some here will say it's a better bike some say not.

The Mont could be a bag of 5h1ton the other hand it could be a minter??? Personally I don't want water cooling water's for making tea and don't need aothers differ. A O60s guy in our club had a mont. He has just bought a gas gas and thinks it's the best thing since sliced toast. He only now realises what a handful the mont was. They are a really good bike but perhaps not suited for a 'mature' rider.

Just out of interest what are the mods to the carb and exhaust on the scorpa? You really need to ride one - they are quite different than the 2 strokes. So if it suits you then thats great. For the novice class, just about any bike will do fine - it just comes down to what grabs you. You might want to compare against a Beta as well. They are super starter bikes IMO. The Scorpa is really really soft on delivery, easy to start and super reliable, its not powerful at all but for novice sections its pretty much perfect, won't loose any money either.

The Mont has significantly more power but is also very popular with high build quality, at it would need to be very very good and need nothing spending on it at all IMHO.

I'd recommend the scorpa, I started back on a sherco gulp after a long lay off, then got a scorpamuch better for me and my results improved massively. I think a cc 4T scorpa would be my ideal bike. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.

Upload or insert images from URL. Scorpa 4t By pludmuggerMarch 9, in Four-Stroke. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted March 9, Is the engine Yamaha?The first model produced by the company was the WORKS inpowered by a single-cylinder, two-stroke Rotax engine.

InScorpa signed an agreement with Yamaha Motor Company to use its engines in subsequent models. Scorpa also produced "long ride" models, that were mechanically similar to the SY trials range, but with a larger fuel tank, and a seat to allow longer trekking use. On July 13,Scorpa announced on its website that it was going into bankruptcy liquidation.

In September it was announced that original owner Marc Tessier had purchased the company. Scorpa has since been purchased by Sherco Motorcycles and continues to produce a range of 2 and 4 stroke trials motorcycles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Scorpa S. Current motorcycle trials manufacturers. Hidden categories: All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.Rather, it is a tool; for learning on, progressing and winning.

Scorpa surprise with revival of farmers’ favourite

Its powerful engine, precise chassis and. For the Scorpa machines have been refined to provide even more in terms of performance and rider pleasure. The new twin-spark CDI provides a crisper throttle response and an appreciable increase in handling precision. The chassis is equipped with upgraded suspension. The lighter aluminium fork from Marzocchi. The rear shock absorber is now supplied by Reiger.

The braking system has been updated with a new. Its powerful engine, precise chassis and new-for suspension Marzocchi and make this the perfect motorcycle for experienced juniors or not-so-young small capacity specialists. Revised exhaust geometry for more progressive engine response New primary transmission ratio reduction in rear sprocket size Collector diameter optimised Remapped twin spark CDI with better performance at low RPM and smoother power curve Clutch slave seal and hose profile altered to increase precision and reliability Improved oil retention in the clutch assembly to improve cooling Marzocchi front forks with updated internals for a more progressive action Air filter with quick release mechanism Low volume clutch master cylinder to provide a better feel Reinforced rear subframe Footrest position optimised to increase grip and stability Rear sprocket guard for safety Anthracite grey engine colour Graphics revised and updated for and SC - Developments for For the Scorpa machines have been refined to provide even more in terms of performance and rider pleasure.

The braking system has been updated with a new AJP master cylinder.Forwe see major changes and new features — many of which are brought about through data gathered at the World Trials Championship — to launch the second generation of the Twenty line.

If you looked at Scorpa before, look again. The Twenty trials bikes are more competitive than before, even for such a young lineup.

scorpa 125

The smaller engine is a good place to cut their teeth before they move up the range. The Twenty and are the main players with an engine that is smooth at low revs and still packs a punch in mid-to-high ranges. Outstanding handling and control makes these siblings suitable for novices all the way up to the pros. New forthe factory went with a new handlebar shape for better control and strength to execute those mountain goat maneuvers. Performance was enhanced through a higher-efficiency air filter inlet, new reed petal support and a new thermostat control sensor.

To keep the inlet air as cool as possible, new thermal insulation in the air box better protects it from engine heat.

Given the nature of their use, trials bikes need an exceptionally tough frame to stand up to the beating they take in competition and practice. To that end, Scorpa beefed up the frame design for and started with a double-downtube frame made from chrome-molybdenum steel tubing for strength with just a little bit of give and. A stressed engine arrangement reduces frame weight by eliminating a chunk of tubing from the bottom of the downtubes to the rear motor mount, and a skidplate protects the engine in its prominent position in the gap.

The chassis, suspension and braking components are identical across the engine range, the only exception being the slightly lower seat on the cc version at This allows the kiddies to become familiar with the machine early, and potentially ride the same chassis, if not engine size, throughout their trials careers.

A 39 mm, Marzocchi aluminum hydraulic front fork buoys the front end on 6. As the ingeniously clever names suggest, the Scorpa Twenty comes in three separate displacements. Next up is the with a The two-cycle engines run with water jackets and a radiator to vent waste heat, and they all run on 98 octane with a two-percent premix.

A 28 mm Keihin carburetor manages induction, and a Hidria digital ignition system — reprogrammed for to work with the new higher-performance muffler — handles the spark. The cylinder bores come with a Nikasil coating for an extended service life. Engine power flows through the gear-type primary drive to the wet clutch where the five-speed transmission turns the rear wheel via a chain final drive. None of the bikes mount a battery of any sort, and rely entirely upon the fold-up kickstarter lever with a new-for kickstarter design to light the fire.

Well, I suppose not entirely, I have pop started small engines like this on the stand just by turning the rear wheel by hand, so pop starting in the field should be a breeze. While pondering a competitor for the Scorpa Twenty family — would it be cheating to look at a Sherco?

The Beta mill is a skosh bigger at cc, five cubes bigger than the Twenty lump, and it comes with a six-speed transmission instead of a five. I must confess that I am unsure if the number of gears lends any sort of advantage, one way or the other. Both engines run on pre-mix unleaded fuel metered by Keihin carbs, a solid name in carburetors, and one that gets used in many applications, including older Harleys. Beta opted for an aluminum frame instead of steel, and that contributes to the lower weight of pounds versus pounds for the Scorpa Twenty.

This is a critical point, as lighter machines are easier to hop around on, and that 5 pounds may be a deciding factor for highly competitive buyers.